Pies, Sausage Rolls and Pasties

Couldn’t you go a Cobber’s pie? Choose from our classic favourites like mushy pea, curry or traditional meat pie, or indulge in a Guinness and steak or a ham, cheese and tomato pie.
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Try our traditional English pastie – with their generous beef and vegetable filling, our pasties are a meal in themselves. Then again, you could also opt for our super popular sausage rolls – but careful, you may not want to stop at one!


Choices, choices! Stop by and be tempted by our range of cakes, slices and delicious treats. These tasty delights are available as single slices or in a pack. Hungry for a classic cream bun? You have to hurry as these light and fluffy temptations often sell out quickly each day!


Made fresh each night and in the small hours of the morning, our ever popular range of bread goes on sale each morning from 6am. As well as white, wholemeal and multigrain loaves, we also offer a range of delicious sourdough and healthy rye & spelt breads – in loaf and vienna style. To avoid disappointment, it’s always a good idea to ring us first to check the availability of our  more artisan breads.

White café loaf

Multigrain loaf

Wholemeal loaf

Rye with walnut & cinnamon
Special order


Spelt with pumpkin & beetroot
Special order

Soughdough Vienna

Sourdough Loaf


Burger Buns

Knot rolls


Tiger rolls

Dinner rolls

Long rolls

Sourdough petit pains


Now available at Cobber’s Crust a range of healthy, tasty sandwiches and rolls, made daily. A great, light alternative for lunch during the steamier Cairns seasons.