Real bakers. Really local.

In an age of mass-produced supermarket breads and machine-made products, the bakers and pastry chefs at Cobber’s Crust are passionate about plying their age-old craft, hand-making a delicious selection pies, cakes and breads daily.

Cobber’s Crust is an independent bakery situated in Earlville, just five minutes drive from Cairns city and close to Stockland shopping centre. Whether you’re a local  looking for bread fresh from the oven from 6am, a tradie buying your morning smoko or a family wanting a sweet treat at any time of day, Cobber’s Crust  always has something to temp you.

Cobber’s Crust is a family-owned Cairns bakery, conveniently located on Ishmael Road, Earlville – right next door to Bulk Meats.


Positioned in the heart of Cairns South, Cobber’s Crust bakery offers a wide range of award winning pies, sausage rolls and traditional English and pasties. For locals in Earlville, Mooroobool, Woree, Bayview Heights or Bungalow a visit to Cobber’s Crust bakery is a daily event, while customers from slightly further afield in Forest Gardens, Mt Sheridan, Edge Hill or Brinsmead often make a special trip in to enjoy our sourdough and rye breads.